Lower Costs and Enhance Value in Your Network

Reduce healthcare plan costs while delivering greater value to members by proactively structuring your network to maximize efficiency, accountability, and outcomes.

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The Problem

How are out of network costs affecting your healthcare plan today? Isn’t it time to make your network work for your business and your members?

Preventable issues like a suboptimal network structure or low-performing providers have a monumental impact on plan cost.

The problem is that optimizing network design requires deep insight into how your network is performing today. Unfortunately, most employers lack critical knowledge about member needs, network performance, and costs, which is needed to identify and make meaningful improvements.

The Solution

The sources of network inefficiency are complex and multi-faceted. 4C Health Solutions empowers employers to identify and embrace opportunities for meaningful network improvements by understanding the many strengths and weaknesses of their current network design:

Verify & Quantify Out of Network Spend

4C enables employers to verify that every out of network claim corresponds to out of network care, and quantify total out of network spend.

Educate Members & Reduce Out of Network Usage

By providing employers the insights needed to educate members on the cost of out of network care, 4C supports the overall reduction of out of network usage.

Identify High & Low Performers

By scoring providers by popularity and performance, 4C empowers employers to eliminate low-performing providers and bring in those with superior accountability and outcomes.

Proactively Structure Network Design

4C provides employers critical visibility into how their providers and rates stack up to other businesses and industry benchmarks, allowing them to better optimize their network design.

fraud by the numbers

By the Numbers

treatment bills

Out of network treatment bills are 118% to 1,382% higher than the federal Medicare system is billed.

America’s Health Insurance Plans

out of network

One study found that when insureds went to an in-network hospital, they received an out of network bill 22% of the time.

Health Affairs

narrow plans

Self-insured and third-party networks are narrowing, with 70% of plans on healthcare exchanges classified as narrow.

McKinsey & Company

“Only in healthcare do companies turn over responsibility for managing hundreds of millions of dollars to third parties. 4C returns transparency and control to those with the most at stake – employers and employees.”

– Ken Lockard, Chairman of Lockard Companies and 4C Board Member

infographic totaling fraud damages


Totaling the Damages
An Employer’s Guide to Breaking through Healthcare’s Biggest Cost Drivers

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