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Empower employees to be healthier, happier, and more productive by actively supporting wellness and quality of life.

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The Problem

In addition to its obvious impact on plan costs, business leaders universally recognize the impact of employee health on worker productivity. And yet, fewer than one in two workers feels that their workplace proactively supports their wellness.

Deploying programs that proactively support member wellness provides self-insured employers a ready opportunity to enhance their competitive advantage, curb unnecessary healthcare costs, and attract and retain excellent employees. But doing so requires a deep and timely understanding of member preferences and needs.

The Solution

Supporting members’ wellness means knowing how they’re doing and what they need. 4C Health Solutions empowers self-insured employers to create a high-performing culture of wellness by providing deep insight into wellness-related costs, needs, opportunities, and ROI:

Quantify the Impact of Low Wellness

With 4C, employers can measure and understand healthcare costs associated with common wellness issues like lack of physical activity, obesity, smoking, and stress.

Measure & Manage Population Health

Harnessing harmonized member insights, employers can paint an accurate picture of population health throughout their member population.

Uncover Opportunities for Targeted Programs

By highlighting trends and anomalies in member health data, 4C provides key insights to shape high-impact wellness programs that are tailored to member needs.

Measure Wellness Program ROI

Finally, 4C enables employers to measure return on their investment in wellness programs by correlating them to a long run reduction in costs and avoidable episodes of care.

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By the Numbers

employee health

93% of surveyed business leaders said employee health has a significant influence on productivity.

Health Enhancement Research Organization


91% of workers at companies that support well-being efforts say they feel motivated to do their best.

American Psychological Association

support wellness

44% of working Americans say their organization supports wellness.

American Psychological Association

increase wellness

24% of organizations are likely to increase wellness related benefits for employees.


“The reality is as long as there’s money flowing, and no one is completely sure where it is going and what it is paying for—change will be a challenge in healthcare. It’s not a stretch to say no other company has the ability to make the near-immediate bottom-line impact that 4C does by delivering value-driven outcomes, tested and market-ready.”

– Tommy Thompson, former Health and Human Services Secretary and 4C Board Member

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Happy & Healthy
An Employer’s Guide to Managing Employee Health & Wellness

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