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Minimize risk in your health plan.

Too often, employers are in the dark when it comes to their health plan management. Yet, it is not only an employer’s right to know this information, but also their fiduciary responsibility under ERISA law.

Through complete visibility, automated monitoring, and on-demand reporting, 4Compliance provides employers confidence that benefits are being properly managed and exposures rapidly addressed.

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Placing compliance at the forefront of your health plan.

The Capabilities

  • Empower Independent Visibility

    Achieve a complete, uninhibited view of your claims data, independent of your TPA.

  • Monitor Compliance Continuously

    Ensure ERISA compliance at all times through systematic monitoring and alerts that notify the appropriate individuals in the event of an issue or anomaly.

  • Automate Reporting and Disclosure

    Generate timely and accurate reports automatically for regulatory reporting, disclosure, and employee education.

compliance background
empower independent visibility
monitor compliance continuously
automate reporting disclosure

The Value of 4Compliance

Continually Minimize Risk Exposure

By systematically confirming compliance with ERISA and providing insight on evolving requirements, 4Compliance dramatically reduces your business’s level of legal and ethical risk.

Corporate fiduciaries can be held personally liable for financial and legal penalties under ERISA, legislation that passed in 1974.

Strengthen Reputation as a Dedicated Fiduciary

By unleashing timely insights, 4Compliance empowers business leaders to make best practices standard practices and act in the best interest of their employees.

91% of workers at companies that support well-being efforts say they feel motivated to do their best.

Gain Insights into Competitors’ Risk Exposure

Through comparative reporting against other employers and industry benchmarks, 4Compliance enables employers to score their level of risk exposure and make significant reductions.

Large employers found 40% of planned organ transplants were deemed medically unnecessary when employees visited high-quality providers for a second opinion.

Protect the Balance Sheet & Employee Benefits

By eliminating fraud, waste, and abuse that stands in the way of compliance, 4Compliance supports positive business outcomes in the form of reduced costs, enhanced plan value, and greater productivity.

It is estimated that between one third and one half of healthcare spending does not add value.

infographic totaling fraud damages

Healthcare: The Cost of Confusion

Totaling the Damages
An Employer’s Guide to Quantifying & Eliminating Fraud, Waste & Abuse

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