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With great insight comes greater power.

Answering big questions like ‘How much waste is in my plan?’, ‘How is my plan performing compared to the business next door’s?’, and ‘What could I be doing to serve my members better?’ requires a view of claims data that is clear, complete, and contextual.

By breaking down silos across cost drivers and providing an independent view of claims data for the first time, 4Clarity empowers self-insured employers to reveal powerful opportunities to cut waste and enhance value.

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A view of your claims data like you’ve never seen it before.

The Capabilities

  • Transform from Opaque to Clear

    Bring together previously siloed claims from facility, dental, vision, pharma, and professional in a single, harmonized view.

  • View New Cost Drivers

    Using rules and behavioral-based analytics engines, assess converged claims to identify patterns and correlations between members, costs, providers, and outcomes.

  • Compare Using Outside Data

    See how your costs and outcomes stack up against other employers and industry benchmarks.

  • Reveal New Opportunities

    Gain a true understanding of plan performance, including the insights needed to address weaknesses and optimize strengths.

clarity platform diagram
transform from opaque to clear
view new cost drivers
compare using outside data
reveal new opportunities

The Value of 4Clarity

Hold Payers & Providers Accountable

By uncovering duplicate or fraudulent claims that have been paid, 4Clarity empowers employers to pinpoint and remove bad actor providers from their networks.

In the U.S., up to 10% of total annual healthcare spending, or over $200B, is lost to fraud.

Optimize & Improve Network Design

By highlighting popular and high performing out of network providers, 4Clarity gives employers the guidance needed to extend, modify, and optimize their care networks.

Out of network treatment results in bills that are 118% to 1,382% higher than what the federal Medicare system is billed.
America’s Health Insurance Plans

Better Serve Your Member Population

By providing insight on employee adherence to treatment plans and population health, 4Clarity helps employers design high-impact programs to support wellness, boost productivity, and lower costs.

93% of business leaders said employee health has a significant influence on productivity.
Health Enhancement Research Organization

Compare & Enhance Plan Performance

By comparing claims data against other businesses and benchmarks, 4Clarity enables employers to understand how their costs, outcomes, and network stack up—then take targeted actions to improve.

It is estimated that between one third and one half of healthcare spending does not add value.

infographic totaling fraud damages

Healthcare: The Cost of Confusion

Totaling the Damages
An Employer’s Guide to Quantifying & Eliminating Fraud, Waste & Abuse

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