One Platform for a Better Performing Plan

Our platform breaks through the status quo in healthcare payments, giving self-insured employers the unprecedented ability to understand and control their claims data like never before.

By providing employers an independent view of their data, along with the actionable tools they need to make meaningful changes, our platform lays the groundwork for greater-than-ever plan transparency, cost effectiveness, and value.

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With four solutions focused on optimizing key areas of healthcare benefits planning and management where most plans are lacking today, ours is the first comprehensive solution to enable end-to-end plan optimization.




Our platform provides an immediate path to measurable value by empowering you to radically reduce fraudulent or unnecessary spend, design programs that make employees happier and healthier, and optimize the structure of your network.




Designed for the realities self-insured businesses face, the platform syncs seamlessly with your existing business processes and payments ecosystem, enabling you to access transformative benefits without disrupting your pace of business.




We take the security of your data seriously. With the highest certification from EHNAC, we encrypt all data while at rest and in motion, and leverage only deidentified data with our partnering analytic engines in line with HIPAA regulations.

4Clarity | More Choices

With great insight comes greater power.

Do you know what your claims data says about your healthcare plan? What about how much waste is in your plan, or what you could be doing to better serve your members? Due to today’s opaque healthcare ecosystem, for most employers, the answer to these questions is no.

4Clarity adds context to historical claims data by breaking down silos across cost drivers and revealing opportunities to cut waste and enhance value.

  • Hold Payers and Providers Accountable
  • Better Serve Your Member Population
  • Optimize and Improve Network Design
  • Compare and Enhance Plan Performance

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4Control | More Power

Know it all. Do something about it.

Your greatest opportunity to affect healthcare costs and quality exists the moment a claim is made. Unfortunately, too often, fraud and inefficiency is only uncovered after the fact—leaving opportunities missed and funds largely unrecoverable.

Leveraging active interventional analytics, 4Control empowers employers to proactively address claims issues and opportunities in real time for the first time—co-adjudication, pre-payment.

  • Intercept and Prevent Improper Payments
  • Make Out of Network Interventions
  • Mitigate Avoidable Episodes of Care
  • Rapidly Impact Population Health

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4Cost | More Savings

Put an end to rising plan costs.

How do your costs compare to the business next door’s? Why do healthcare costs always seem to rise? What is the true cost of healthcare? Healthcare costs are a leading source of uncertainty and ambiguity in plan design—yet their business impact speaks for itself.

4Cost provides businesses with the data-driven purchasing power needed to proactively improve plan structure.

  • Gain Negotiating Power
  • Optimally Structure Plan Design
  • Ensure High-Value Care
  • Understand How Plan Costs Compare

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4Compliance | More Confidence

De-risk your health plan.

It’s more than your right to see your claims data, it’s your fiduciary responsibility under ERISA law. But assuring compliance in today’s complex claims ecosystem can seem an insurmountable feat—that is, until now.

4Compliance provides on-demand audit reporting, enabling employers to continually meet their fiduciary obligations under ERISA and systematically mitigate risk.

  • Continually Minimize Risk Exposure
  • Gain Insights into Competitive Risk Exposure
  • Strengthen Reputation as a Fiduciary
  • Protect the Balance Sheet and Employee Benefits

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Expedite the Path to Value

Our value begins with quickly getting you access to the standardized data you need to draw meaningful and timely conclusions about your healthcare plan. Our streamlined data assessment process sets you up for data-driven success and expedites the path to value.

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We transform your self-insured healthcare plan from a great unknown into something you can understand and control. Request a demo today.

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