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Healthcare’s Up-and-Coming Changemakers

“Millennials are ______________.”   Nearly everyone is quick to label, may I suggest a few descriptors:

  • Entitled
  • Addicted to Phones
  • Lazy
  • Offended
  • Impatient

I’ll let you decide what to fill in that blank with, but today’s society has come up with many descriptors, mostly uncomplimentary, to describe millennials.

As an optimist, on behalf of my entire generation, I refuse to believe we haven’t and won’t contribute great things to this world.

Recently, an article published in BenefitsPro, “Younger generations, dissatisfied with health care, will drive change”, has discovered what millennials believe are the shortcomings in healthcare, and just how we may be the ones to change the status quo – for the better. The aforementioned articled identified three very reasonable millennial-essentials for the future of better healthcare: convenience, transparency and digital tools.  Upon review, maybe those millennial healthcare essentials more closely mirror the less-than-flattering millennial descriptors:

  • Entitled? Yes, we want to know what the cost of care is BEFORE receiving treatment, how much of the cost we will be responsible for, if the provider/facility is in fact in-network, and asserting the chosen care is the best value for our money.
  • Addicted to Phones? Yes, thank the age of digitalization. We have the ability to seek out answers at lightning speed at the ease of our fingertips…but, that means (healthcare) data cannot be shielded so key insights can be considered, and answers can be accessed.
  • Lazy? Yes, the idea of convenience is our norm. We would rather see a doctor 5 minutes from home with better outcomes and lower costs than 30 minutes away from home…if only we had the information.
  • Offended? Yes, we are offended when surprised with a $5,751 bill for receiving an ice pack and bandage after a fall.
  • Impatient? Yes, we want to see the doctor immediately. Be it seeing a doctor within a reasonable timeframe or having an expectation for outcomes based on consumer accessible care-quality data, maybe a little impatience isn’t necessarily a bad thing when it comes to healthcare.

Within healthcare, convenience and transparency have made great leaps, although even greater potential exists.  Health vendors with long-standing vested financial interests thrive at a cost to consumers, shielding the key data necessary to improve convenience, transparency and consumer-friendly digital tools. 

Long-standing institutions, like those that provide our healthcare, are quick to earn the scorn of millennials (and nearly all other creatively-categorized demographics).  Perhaps the anecdote begins with independence. Only 4C Health Solutions delivers the objectivity through its industry-first platform—a platform able to unlock greater efficiency and effectiveness in the health plans of millennials (and everyone else).

Today’s data-driven world has created a millennial well-equipped to understand 4C’s clearly presented multi-dimensional view of healthcare, the personal empowerment experienced by seeking the very best value-driven care.

What if it’s millennials that are best-equipped to fully consider the relationship between healthcare costs and outcomes?  Millennials—with an eye to convenience and transparency, utilizing leading-edge digital tools—taking the lead in fixing healthcare would be nothing short of___________.

(FYI—I’d say, “expected.”)

May 7, 2019