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Former Public Sector Healthcare Leader Joins 4C to Spearhead Change

Healthcare Leader, Christin Deacon, Joins 4C

Christin Deacon has traveled quite the road toward healthcare transparency. She was a bankruptcy lawyer prior to joining the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office as Deputy AG, then served as special counsel in Governor Christie’s administration. With no deep prior healthcare experience, she was eager to take on the daunting task of running the State of New Jersey’s public sector health plans.


Influenced by Marilyn Bartlett’s cost-effective strategies in Montana, Christin Deacon was tasked to provide coverage for over 800,000 state employees while cutting costs. She did so with eye-popping results, saving the state well over $200 million dollars annually from 2019 to 2020. 


“I recognized that there was only so much I could do as a health plan administrator from an oversight and accountability perspective that would push the envelope, and I knew it was time to move on. I feel very mission-driven in this”, says Deacon. [1]


To spearhead change, Deacon knew she would have to take her abilities to the frontline. She joined 4C Health Solutions in late August 2021 with the continued mission to change healthcare for the better, help plan administrators and the employees they support.


Intrigued by 4C’s mission to “transform self-insured healthcare plans from a great unknown into something you can understand and control”, she now brings her experience from the public sector to an innovative technology company that is resolute in doing something about it. It looks like Deacon has found her base camp at 4C Health Solutions.


There is more and more media coverage on the vague healthcare payment ecosystem and how it currently creates confusion by distancing self-insured employers from their claims data. Awareness is key when battling for meaningful change. Deacon has most recently been featured in the The American Leader article Medicare Model Helps States Control Costs – Within Limits. In the article, she discusses the new federal rules requiring hospitals to disclose prices and upcoming price transparency rules.


4C Health Solutions enables employers to truly view, understand, and intervene in their claims, which provides an immediate path to value while unleashing a whole new era of transparency in healthcare payments. 

[1] The American Leader (2021, November 24). Medicare Model Helps States Control Costs – Within Limits [article].


December 9, 2021

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