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2018 Population Health Colloquium: Darryl Strawberry Speech

A Synopsis of Darryl Strawberry’s Speech at the 2018 Population Health Colloquium

Mr. Strawberry, a former Major League Baseball player, now one of the faces helping America fight the opioid addiction crisis, delivered a powerful message at the 2018 Population Health Colloquium in Philadelphia this past week. Claiming the epidemic as the biggest challenge America has ever faced, he encourages the need for “people to help people.” He explains, “The use of opioids today is taking our young people in a totally different direction… anything that alters their mind will change them forever in ways most people don’t understand.” Darryl attributes the root cause of addiction to the idea that “society is broken, and people are dying because of this brokenness.” There is a stigma attached to opioid addiction: if one becomes clean, all is well. In most cases, it is just a Band-Aid and the brokenness still lies within. Darryl’s goal is to help those struggling to find the brokenness, “What is wrong? What is hurting you?” A short anecdote from the past led him to describe his life of “pain that led to [baseball] greatness, which led to destruction.” Today, he wishes for people to celebrate him for making a difference by helping save lives, not a life of baseball heroics.

March 28, 2018