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4C Health Solutions: Employer-Centered Focus on Health Care Costs Drives New Website

4c health new web launch

Midlothian, VA, March 15, 20194C Health Solutions (4C), the self-insured plan provider’s best solution to gain the health spend transparency necessary for greater insight and even greater interventional control, has launched its new self-insured healthcare plan-focused website.

The new 4C website is part of a larger marketing effort seeking to compel those paying the bills in healthcare to reconsider both the current problem and 4C-unique solution:

  • The Broken Health Spend Ecosystem—Why do employers and employees alike have to endure our current healthcare payment ecosystem, an entrenched system designed to create confusion and deny accountability?
  • The 4C Challenge to the Status Quo—With great insight comes even greater control, 4C delivers the health spend empowerment your current health vendor won’t deliver.

With the ever-rising cost of care having a growing impact on the bottom line, companies can no longer afford a passive approach. 4C’s fully-independent health spend platform is specifically designed to provide employers with the prudent insights and actionable tools to master the business of healthcare. With 4C’s highly-refined approach to considering all claims and key cost drivers—like other significant business cost centers—an employer is truly empowered.

What is the real question the CEO or CFO is asking when they growl at key HR and benefits personnel, “Why can’t we better-control our healthcare costs?” 4C can help define that open-ended C-level health cost-related question and avoid the shoulder shrug response, providing both the right questions and real answers as to what is driving the cost of care, including:

  • How much waste is in my current plan?
  • How can I better optimize my network structure?
  • What can I do to improve employee health?
  • How can I prevent avoidable, disease-associated costs?

4C begins with providing the insights necessary to answer the aforementioned questions, as well as the power to: hold health vendors accountable; implement timely disease management programs based on identified needs; and, plan redesign insights focused on reducing costs while increasing benefits. Finally, with a more efficient and effective health plan, companies will achieve the accountability necessary to minimize risk and achieve compliance under ERISA.

“4C Health Solutions looks at healthcare like no one else with our website reflecting how our technology delivers a different perspective that places the employer and their employees at its center,” said Ron Templeton, COO & President of 4C. “If you want to truly consider the rising cost of a health plan, it begins with an independent look at the efficiency and effectiveness of every dollar that gets paid. 4C has built the platform employers need to change healthcare—beginning with the rising costs in their own plan.“

Besides product and company information, the new website will feature key 4C-executives participating as thought-leaders within the industry as well as an updated blog and key health-related written pieces. The website will be updated regularly with news, milestones and notable events. Additional company information or webinar requests can also be made via the website.


Virginia-based 4C Health Solutions (4C) was formed by leading health experts focused on addressing the ineffective healthcare payment ecosystem and the actionable solutions for the key cost drivers of care. 4C provides unmatched clarity and the actionable tools that self-insured employers need to regain control of healthcare costs and spending, while helping ensure those responsible for administering their plan or doing so effectively an in-turn minimizing ERISA risk. For more information, visit 4chealthsolutions.com.

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Brian J. Nemoir

March 15, 2019