Healthcare fraud and waste amount to a massive hidden tax on American employers and employees. It costs our nation more than $300 billion annually and according to the FBI, it is the fastest growing form of white collar crime. It’s the result of a broken system with misaligned incentive and a backward focus on recovering improper payments, not preventing them. It’s time for self-insured employers to regain control, impose accountability, and stop improper payments before they occur.



An opaque system.

Because self-insured employers have little visibility into how their health benefits are managed, fraud and waste have run rampant. 4C offers companies a new level of insight and real accountability.

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Pay and chase doesn't work.

Healthcare costs continue to double annually, in part, to a broken system that allows fraud and waste to be nearly unchecked. 4C found $400 million in improper payments for one of its clients.

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Executives are personally liable.

Under ERISA, corporate executives may be personally liable for failing to rein in fraud, fined $100,000, and sentenced to ten years in prison. 4C helps protect employee benefits by preventing fraud.

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Incentives are misaligned.

For too long, companies give control of one of its largest expenses to third parties who often have misaligned priorities. 4C enhances accountability and gives control back to employers and employees.

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We use the latest adaptive analytics and behavioral profiling techniques to identify patterns of patient and provider behavior, and flag irregularities and questionable activity.

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About 4C.

4C was developed by respected leaders in healthcare, technology, and government who sought to tackle the epidemic of healthcare fraud and waste for self-insured employers and government programs.

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It's time to think differently about managing health benefits. Costs are spiraling out of control. Programs are too opaque, even for the organizations paying the benefits. And billions of dollars that could be invested in benefits, better care and healthier employees are being lost. Here are our thoughts.
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by Dave Chase // May  18,  2017

This little-known legal risk could force big changes to our dysfunctional health-care system


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by admin // February  01,  2017

Success Story: Large Self-Insured Employer Gains Control of Spiraling Healthcare Costs Due to Fraud and Waste

Clarity, Compliance

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by Dave Chase // October  31,  2016

CEO Ignorance of Fraud & Abuse Happening Under Their Nose Won’t Be a Viable Defense

Clarity, Compliance

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